Characters start with 150 points and at PL 10

Variant Rules (I’ll be largely following Star City Knights’ rules)

1. The following powers/flaws need GM approval:

(1) Variable
(2) Features
(3) Flaw: Limited ( to discuss whether it falls as being limited)

2. Arrays can only have 5 alternate effects

3. In addition, please specify a possible reason you joined the Game of Deceit under your complications, as a requirement for joining the game is to have a strong wish which you wish to be fulfilled.


Inspite of the world being filled with men of supernatural talents and magical power, the world order has been continually preserved by organizations unseen by the layman, keeping the secret of superhumans and magic obscured from society since times long past.

In the modern world, the witchhunts and crusades of old have pacified the powers of these superhumans underground, where they exist in secret. Organizations of such power liason with the world powers to keep the masses oblivious to the nature of the world.

Now, in the year 2020, the global mage association, the Solse Seirse Alliance, has kept the world in check, ensuring the curtain between supers and normals is never raised.

Inspite of this, however, there are things which simply cannot be stopped. Every year, without fail, atop a massive floating island called Heaven’s Vigil, a tournament for superhumans called the Game of Deceit is held. A contest of unrestricted duelling between participants, where death is defeat.

Yet all who are invited are drawn to the tournament, for the prize is none other than the omnipotent wish-granting device, the Holy Grail itself. It appears only to the victor of each tournament, and grants their wish without fail. Despite a high morality rate, all who join are unperturbed.

Not only participants, but spectators too gather for the Game of Deceit. Gambling between duels is especially popular, as gamblers of great influence or wealth would put the odds in their favor by directly aiding their participant of choice. These people are known as benefactors, and form a core part of the Game of Deceit. The tide of battle could turn at the insistence of a benefactor, and valuable information normally unobtainable by the participant could be provided effortlessly by the benefactor.

Nobody knows who runs the Game of Deceit, but the gamemasters and staff present in Heaven’s Vigil are all completely neutral and seem to serve only for the purpose of the Game.

The Game of Deceit